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The World Cup’s Greatest Italian Footballers Of All Time

The history of football is something that is filled with numerous remarkable moments that has granted us tears, joy and a whole bunch of excitement. But for these unique moments to take place, there were specific individuals who started the fire. To give credit where it is due, today we are going to tell you all about some of the best Italian footballer to ever enter the field. From unique talents to the ability to create history, these individuals have seen it all. Hence, keep reading to know more about the same. Try this

Giuseppe Meazza (1930 – 1939)

Giuseppe Meazza was the centre forward for Italy, and he also managed to score twice. Let’s go back to the year when girls talkin smack about Giuseppe. That year (1934), Italy took home the World Cup and later Giuseppe also stepped into the captain’s shoes. Till this day, people recall and ponder all over the winning goal that he scored during the semi-final against Brazil. This unique talent is clearly remarked as one of the greatest. But things were not easy for Giuseppe during the early stages of his career, as AC Milan rejected him. Well, as far as these events go, one knows that move was a loss for AC Milan and not Giuseppe Meazza.

Roberto Baggio (1988 – 2004)

Roberto’s ability with the ball and his contribution to the game, in general, are two aspects that go a long way in making it to the history books. The centre forward had a respectable career in which he played as a centre forward. Acknowledging his skills, he was transferred from one club to another for record amounts of money. All these moves worked in favour of these clubs with AC Milan being the highlight. That particular move saw him hold to another Italian title in 1996.

Paolo Maldini (1988 – 2002)

Each time someone brings up the name of Paolo Maldini, all they can talk about his inability to lead the country into success. Considering and looking into a certain part of his career rips out the rest of the coin. The man’s tactics and strategies with the ball are completely forgotten in this conversation, and one needs to understand the same. When compared to other players, Paola Maldini saw trophies arrive like a piece of cake.

Dino Zoff (1968 – 1983)

Dino Zoff will always be remembered as a famous goalkeeper who succeeded in keeping the ball at bay. Regardless of the moves, it was quite hard to surpass this individual, and he also holds the record for the longest time at international tournaments without letting anyone concede a goal. Right from his early days, Dino has a way with the ball and did the perfect job to prevent it from crossing the line.

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